How Japanese Manga Comics are Different than American Comics

Published: 21st May 2010
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Japanese Manga is not famous only In Japan but is read widely in other parts of the world, too, including America. Sometimes it pays to know what the difference is in Japanese Manga and American Comics that prompt universal readers to read it again, after once. American comics are more adhered to real life scenes and stories which Manga takes its readers to entirely different world. The other obvious differences can be noted in cost, creation, presentation, size and accordingly in readership.

The notable difference between American comics and Japanese Manga is their colour schemes. While American Comics come in vivid colours from the real world, Japanese Manga is generally drawn in combination of black and white only. They also vary considerably in terms of their sizes, too. Manga is often much smaller in size then American comics. They are half or even 1/3rd of the size of American size, i.e. digest-size. American comic books are thin and last in approx 32 pages or so, while Manga comics may be as thick as 100s of pages.

Japanese Manga may be considered as similar to American graphic novels, made of collection of monthly issues of comics with ongoing stories. The difference is that Manga comes in single and large story and the story may take as long as thousands of pages.

American comics are not one man job and often involve many people in its creation. They involve writer to churn out a story, a drawing artist to draw a sketch, an inker to ink the raw drawing, a letterer to write dialogues and a colouring artist to fill in colours. Japanese Manga pieces are generally created by one artist only who take cares of all these aspects, may exclude colouring though.

Another notable difference is that Manga stories are not narrated in as much detail as American comics are. They move much faster, with lesser dialogs and fewer panels than that in American comics. The efforts that a Manga takes in makes it costlier than general comics books, even more than a full size novel. Its smaller size and black-n-white texture though helps to keep its cost down.

Another interesting difference between Japanese Manga and American comics is that they are not meant only for children like the latter. Manga is read and enjoyed equally by every age of people. They come in 3 different categories viz. Shonen Manga for boys, Shojo Manga for girls' and Hentai for adults.

Shonen, the Manga for boys comes with exciting action and adventure mix stories. Shojo, the Manga for girls come with romantic stories about relationships and love. Unlike these, Hentai Manga is only for adults and not for children. There are no specific reasons why anyone can not ready any Manga except for adulthood reasons. You can even find Manga online, there are many websites that are providing full length Manga comics online for free to download and reading.

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